Services and Parts

If you are building a replica, kit car or modifying a road car it is well worth considering that we build complete cars, therefore we make, restore or purchase what you need... Below are a few examples of what we do and get done in-house.

Jaguar IRS rebuilds and shortening

Many of our replicas use these rear axles therefore we are very experienced at rebuilding them, we will also undertake rebuilds for road cars under restoration complete with the axle frame.

Jaguar Engine Rebuilds

GRP Bodywork fabrication and repairs

We can mould and fabricate parts in-house and repair or replicate damaged panels also specialising In bonding GRP to GRP or GRP to Aluminium.

Performance and Bespoke Exhaust Fabrication

We can make exhausts to fit, perform and look the part.  Made from stainless steel and polished are final welding or we can have the system ceramic coated for extra protection.

Parts Replication and Fabrication

Sheet metal design and fabrication, forming.  Design and drawing for CNC’d parts and jet cut.  Machine shop facilities on-site with Aluminium welding.  The list of what we make and can make Is too long, call us with your requirement and we will get it done....