The XKSS is one of those cars built out of requirement rather then design that often as not are forced into the spot light and immortalised for all the right reasons.  Originally Jaguar built 16 XKSS from the remaining D-type race production stock left over and unlikely to sell, so they added a roof and an interior and road trim and exported them to the US.  Instantly a hit with those that could afford one and then made a household icon by Steve McQueen’s ownership of one of these great cars.


You too can now own a replica of this icon, supplied in composite glass on a space frame steel tubular chassis, fitted with Jaguar running gear and engine the TWRR XKSS replica captures the look, style and excitement of the original without the price tag.


Now only available in an all aluminium bodied version this detailed replica benefits from being formed on accurate bucks and feature a full length tubular steel

chassis. Once painted the car is then fitted with polished aluminium components to complete the look. The interior surfaces are leather covered and bare aluminium as per the original cars.


Colours are up to you, XKSS replicas are a statement of your taste or requirement, Black, Blue, Old English White or even a Jaguar pearlescent like Emerald Green are possible, you also have the choice of interior colour

again black or Blue, Ox Blood Red or event a contrast to the exterior, champagne or ivory.

The standard XKSS is supplied with bolt on replica Dunlop style wheels but there is an optional upgrade to Peg drive with Replica Dunlop Wheels. Other options include Stainless steel exhausts and even a hidden stereo.


Whatever options or specification you choose we are here to support you and build the XKSS of your dreams.

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The RAM XKSS is owned and manufactured by

Realm Engineering