TWR Replicas build their XJ13 replica in Aluminium or GRP using their own modular designed chassis and English wheeled Aluminium over their own buck, GRP bodies are also available using the latest in GRP technologies offering a lightweight and very strong option to aluminium.


Replicating the Jaguar destined to race the formidable GT40‘s at Le Mans, the prototype XJ13 was severely damaged during high speed testing at MIRA and although rebuilt, the jaguar XJ13 never made it to the 24hr race due to regulatory changes.


Now you can own a replica XJ13 and drive one of these very rare cars, there have been XJ13 replicas built over the years and it is believed that possibly as little as 30 cars exist world-wide from various companies, so this is truly something you are unlikely to see at an event or coming down the road towards you as you drive yours.


TWRR have redesigned from the ground up, having built complete cars using the SCF kit it was decided that several areas needed attention common with many replica kits on the market, not enough cockpit space, once built working on the cars can mean stripping large parts of bodywork for access.  Cooling and keeping it cool is usually an issue for mid-engined cars, this has been reviewed and improved and we have taken the option to utilise an upgraded version of the Audi O1E gearbox and add pushrod suspension with Ohlins TTX shocks.

Utilising the powerful and smooth Jag V12 mated with TWRR in-house built inlet system and EFi mated to an Audi O1E Gearbox, performance will be as exhilarating as the original XJ13, dimensionally the TWRR XJ13 is 5” longer, we have cast our own wheels replicating the originals, we use the original windscreens, detailing is our job all you need to do is choose the colour ? BRG obviously… final engine specification and where you are going to drive your TWRR XJ13 first!

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